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Michelangelo Pistoletto ,Born June 25, 1933, Biella, Italy

A visionary artist acknowledged as the maestro who is not afraid of infringing practices in going ahead what people normally think is boundaries. Michelangelo Pistoletto is now admired as a groundbreaking contemporary artist.  He is also establishing founder of Art e Povera, an art movement in the 60s. Recognized for his mirror paintings; Michelangelo Pistoletto’s...CONTINUE READING
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2: Mesopotamia, Crete and Egypt, History of Art

Mesopotamia History of Art Mesopotamian Culture sprouted from the valley between the two rivers, “Euphrates” and “Tigris”, modern-day Iraq and dates roughly from to 3500 b.c.–539 b.c.Mesopotamian Art and Architecture are less familiar in comparison to Egyptian or Greek Art and Architecture due to the diminishing of baked brick buildings and structures over time. The...CONTINUE READING
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1: Primitive Art; Ancient America (Paleolithic Age)- Neolithic Art- History of Art

(Paleolithic Age) Paleo implies “stone” and Lithic denotes “age” hence Paleolithic meaning Stone Age, i.e the period in ancient human history characterized by the development of stone tools. The oldest paintings to have existed are authentication of human skill that archaeologists failed to acknowledge when they first discovered lifelike representations of animals belonging to the...CONTINUE READING
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