Danh Vo, Born1975 (age 45 years), Vietnam

Danh Vo, Born1975 (age 45 years), Vietnam

The youth of the Vietnam War who left to Denmark with his family. Yong Ho is an enigmatic artist whose work weaves the world’s combined histories, his own young diction is the global dictionary. Dan has a highly partisan way to articulate about the world. The art he makes is not just regarding leaving an astonishing story it is about being equipped to tell it.  

A sculptor, performance and installation artist, Dan Voh works are mysterious and their implications are frequently open to multiple ideas. It can be very mystifying going to the exhibition of modern bulls although his work also compensates honesty demands the spectator to spend time encountering the situation that he has formed through these objects.  Sometimes these objects do not make insight when you first stare at them, and never was exciting hammering like foisting things on oneself.

Danh says, ” the virtue of my confrontations with are is the ominous conversation that keeps on recurring to me, the best work evolves with me and that’s very few works that succeeded to do that.” Jung is very concerned regarding materiality, objects emphasize very firmly in his work and these are frequently objects having historical importance, traditional suggestions to them. 

Danh Vo, Go Mo Ni Ma Da”,

The importance in history derives from the experience that Yun himself was affected by the Vietnam war. Yun was born in 1975 the year the war settled but the anarchy never did. When he was four his parents fled on a handmade boat lasting on the extensive seas until they were finally rescued. Danh says, ”I think it was my father that determined to leave Vietnam in 79, so that’s the following wave of the exiles from Vietnam, more identified as the boat people and in their situation, that was Danish Sangha that chose to take-ups, and they desisted up in Denmark.

Dang work is also much about individual history which is quite a something, chandelier he accumulated from a hotel in Paris, presented by showing them into gallery context which delivered a very compelling reality, he was trying to come to times with his own personal history and at the same time directing combined history.

Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away

Yan has assembled used historical objects adjacent his own representation of his works, in 2013 he exhibited the collection of the particular consequences of former US defense secretary Robert Mcnamara, the man who oversaw America’s military intervention in Vietnam. It carried the pen tips used to sign the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution a precursor to the Vietnam war as well as McNamara’s personal letters to and from the Kennedy family.

Danh Vo, “A Group of 4 Presidential Signing Pens,” 2013

Notwithstanding attachments to his personal history Danh declared that his art is not peculiar, Danh says, ”somebody describes this meaning of something is individual and something is unrestricted, and I refuse to submit to these descriptions”. This is an essential part of my work that I try to rearrange things throughout when I work with Chandi I never conceived of it is peculiar. I assumed that was like anything other, it was a partisan decision of very influential people. I think we all just outcomes of these arrangements. 

A lot of contextual framework of his works comes from authors and curators and critics maybe not so much from the artist himself. Yan seems himself as more of a historian and his situation is even more glaring in his work ”Oma Totem” a sculpture Danh constructed from the objects acquired by his refugee grandmother when she initially arrived in Germany. 

Danh says our family was split up in two boats so there were two different voyages and one of them ended up in Germany. People would call that work personal but it was a reflection about this gab, some functionary sits down there considering, that people from Vietnam appearing, how should we administer with them. What do they require to know? it is just a notch, miss-communication, and life for me living in a nation. It is mostly about the detachment and the canyons and I thought that was a brilliant idea of impersonating. 

Danh Vō | Oma Totem

By putting all those objects, the absolute crucifix on the peak of it you publish something so powerful the fact, the five objects were the perfect combination of what you require in life. It was not a reviewer at all but it was a very enjoyable way to question it and put it collectively. Danh says when he did that piece people view us alienated from it, they could accept these things but it was an uncanny configuration, but it was their unfamiliarity in facing the piece that I thought was wonderful. 

It can be very difficult going to the exhibition of young voles but Danh work was so rewards, and in a sense, it requires the viewer to just observe, perceive, and inevitably the histories of the work will come true. 

Most famous work of Danh Vo came in 2010 when he took most of the recognized historical icons in the world, The Statue of Liberty. He remade the figure utilising the same metal-working processes that built the primary, but with the specific aim of presenting it in separate parts never to be united. The work won him Hugo Boss Prize award in 2012. 

Danh Vo, We the people

He says I have never observed the statue of liberty in my life earlier but then looking a little bit into it I discovered out it is actually empty inside and I was like it is not entirely unreasonable, is kind of message that makes you think of an illustration or an object totally creatively and that is when you have the potential of something exciting. It is a very Utopian task to recreate a statue that describes so many things to numerous personalities in incorporate fragmented throughout the world and it is like the development of the value, recovery of the power. 


In the art world, you have two opportunities to change within your all composition but if I had to find it essential not to make art, it is entirely fine you know I have so many gorgeous adventures and stuff that there is more enough for more than a lifetime. 

Danh Vo: Take my Breath Away

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