Danny Lane American Artist, Born:January 27, 1955

Danny Lane American Artist, Born:January 27, 1955

Danny lane executes epic work in steel, wood and glass, steel. Danny’s work is intangible, he stations not only methods of the iron abilities of light. Danny doesn’t have a unit of PR people or indeed a gallery to represent. Lane is an extremist who rarely does communications, Danny is inspired by difficulties so he would be involved in a challenge for a very big sculpture not for what it returns to him as far as fame or money. Notwithstanding his low profile, Danny’s works are important in business.

His sculptures are prominent in art and design, and he has an individual road to life. Danny is the kind who works on an extensive scale but also on a very familiar scale.  Danny says, I have perpetually worked on what I would call easel method of putting a piece on a wall, somebody who comes from drawing and painting is very familiar with followers Krishnamurti quote, ”if you see Buddha on the road kill him because if it looks like something I have seen before, well there is no point in discovering penicillin twice.”

Still Water Danny Lane 2777.04 | Glass installation

Danny was born in Urbana Illinois in 1955,  moved around the states with his scientist father and art historian mother, consuming a formative part of his childhood in New York City. Danny Says, they used to fill a lot of time sitting on the steps Soho at late-night parties that our parents were going to full of artists. It was a beautiful time you’d see Jimi Hendrix walking down the street Bob Dylan and John Baez having their de beaute performances around the corner. New York was very free and open spirited.

I would go to art classes at the Museum of Modern Art making small sculptures, it was so full of life I mean it was a real renaissance in American culture probably never to happen again. Danny was dropped out of school at an early age and had a quite good life in the counterculture travelling across the united states. Danny sought a new direction and purpose he was drawn to England at the start of the punk II era. Mid seventeenth was the period in England which was very interesting, you do have to band over the head of to people to shake the truth. But what drew Danny to England is the art of stained glass windows.

” I intuitively became fascinated with glass, you see the harmony between all of the architecture, sculpture and the glass, everything had a tremendous craft and design value. Danny Lane was lucky to have world-class glass artists tutor Patrick whose work featured in the rebuild of Coventry Cathedral, he was a true renaissance man. He was the only remaining genuine medieval stained glass artist. 

The technical process in making stained glass is extremely archaic, there 10th century and Patrick who saw Danny struggling with this said, ”you know Danny this process if you can in any way engineer things so that you can just go to art and study painting, study drawing and this will change your life and all I did in throughout art college was a draw and draw and paint but primarily drawing became the most important thing to me. 

This approach stayed with Lane and shaped his career, American sculptor went to England to study Art and stayed on building up his client base, his passion for glass would never leave him. After coming to England Dany was now on his way to becoming the most distinctive artist working in glass sculpture. We can’t write the history of sculpture ignoring the use of glass and we can not write a history of glass sculpture without mentioning Danny Lane.  

Versatality that will make Danny work last, Danny says, fear is not just fear, it just brings all of your focus into one place. He is always seeking new challenges and constantly working on inventing new ways to shape glass, a material that is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Back in the 1980s, contemporary design was on the rise and Danny began creating unusual furniture pieces using glass. Glass objects which nobody had seen before. There were more sculptures of chairs. Something you will acquire as a symbolic piece and these things became in the eyes of the public and they started seeing works of Danny Lane. 

Danny Lane – Dorotheum

His initial works quite spectacular and at the same time the kind of roughness that was quite foreign to design especially at the time where people were still thinking, taste equal spray-on furniture, so it was completely new and undiscovered and unchartered territories.

Dik Dik, Console, 1987 Danny Lane

Lilly Anne’s Gallery soon put on a one-man show of Danny’s work and this attracted curators from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s largest dedicated to decorative arts and design. The VNA became interested in the stag glass chair which creates the reflection of light in a very strange way and eventually commissioned Danny Lane for the balustrading of their new gallery in the museum. Danny Lane always made bigger works after each work, he seems the perfect person to ask for this really dysfunctional in a way it prevents you from falling off the mezzanine or the stairs but it is actually a fantastic piece of sculpture and so it really belongs to space.


Balustrade | Lane, Danny | V&A Search the Collections

”Respect of the unknown is a healthy thing it feels good and that exploration that an artist pursues is the same thing as what scientists do and when we discover something we can bring it back from where we found it and show it to the world and hopefully that is a value.”


Danny Lane – “Threshold” (Project Ten Ten Ten) at Mint Museum Uptown

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