History of Fashion Design / Fashion History Timeline

History of Fashion Design Introduction

What is the relationship between art and fashion? To discuss the relationship between art and fashion, there are always things that students and researchers wanted to know for example educated person knows the transformation of modernism to postmodernism and impressionism to post-impressionism, History of fashion will cover the key art movements and artists who keep reappearing as an influence for fashion,  We will not discuss the artist like Marcel Duchamp or the installation artist or the land artist, we will not discuss the artist who put some bricks the gallery or the artist who covers the buildings with the silk because it does not impact fashion. You need to be aware of the fashion designers, stylists and photographers and who they are referring to when you are working in a team or on your own, the art gives you whole new idea and inspiration. You can use art to describe the colour, pattern, history and much more



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