Jeff Koons, American Artist, Born January 21, 1955

Jeff Koons, American Artist, Born January 21, 1955

An American artist is known for practising pop culture subjects and reshaping of ordinary objects widely acclaimed as one of the most dominant, effective and debated contemporary artists. Jeff Koons pioneered new approaches tested the limits between mass culture and advance art, emerged as an innovative sculptor of skillfully shaped objects, which termed as icons of art history made him as modern pop sculptor among Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He is best known for balloon animals sculptured in stainless steel with smooth glittering surfaces employs soggy and sparkling colours, his artistic devotion to the prevalent consumer culture handled to stun the art world with one after another aweless work, that considered him as the epitome of Neo-Pop, who derives inspiration from items not particularly taken in fine art queued among the record-holding auction price list for any living artist’s artwork.

The artist was born in Pennsylvania on January 21, 1955, as Jeffrey Koons; he went to School of Art Institute Chicago as a visiting student and attended Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore to study painting. During the time he met with Ed Paschke turns to be a major influence on his artwork and for whom he worked as studio assistant later he travelled to New York and worked at the membership desk of the Museum of Modern art and as a broker at Wall Street.

Koons’ artwork consist of installation started in the late seventies and continued throughout the next decade, producing artistries from ordinary household utility items such as vacuum cleaner, polisher, and shampooing machine sheathed Plexiglas cases. These animated appliances iconography depicts the domestic culture and consumerism characterizing the modernity. Koons’ conceptual imagery outglow in his sculptures especially “The Equilibrium” series consists of one to three basketballs floating in water-filled in a glass tank, intriguing one is Two Ball, semi-immersed ball floating into the water.



Pursuing his creativeness in sculptures using expandable toys, Jeff Koons’ “Rabbit” cast-out highly refined and glowing stainless steel structure, standing over three feet height imposed a minimalist shine with cartoonish sense erupts as childhood visual imagery, which is today owned by the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Further, Koons’ series includes “Luxury and Degradation Series” which is thematically centred on alcohol sculptured and portrayed different scenes and alcohol-related regalia and in 1988 culminated a series “Banality”  which was a life-size porcelain statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles plated with gold leaves of sitting singer cuddling his pet chimpanzee named bubbles which later sold  for 5.6 million dollars at Sotheby’s New York.

Jeff Koons – Ushering in Banality, 1988 hout, verf wood, paint Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2012

Jeff Koons fabricated the media facade by hiring and marrying Italian porn star Ilona Staller Cicciolina, a series of strenuous photoshoots turns the basis of “Made in Heaven” series comprises of painting and sculptures in various media. The series of gritty photographs printed on glassworks and sculptures portraying extra explicit sexual imagery and postures of the artist and his wife creating hefty controversy referred the painting art from the Rococo and Baroque period canvased upon the discoveries of modern painters such as Edouard Manet and Gustave Courbet. The series was first displayed at Venice Biennale during the year 1990.

Jeff Koons and his ex-wife lona Staller, aka Cicciolina, posing in his 1989 ‘Made in Heaven’ series

Jeff Koons “Puppy” employs sophisticated modelling result in the creation of 43 feet tall topiary sculpture of westie terrier commissioned by art dealers to design for Arolsen Castle. The sculpture is carpeted in bedding pants visualize the combination of flowers and puppies as saccharine iconography carefully constructed as a correspondent of contemporary art culture which has been installed at Sydney harbour and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

The artist has unified the concerns and method of Pop conceptualization with craftsmanship creating his own unique emblem engaged in artwork in multi-layer themes, one of them is neo kitsch which can be seen in his “Celebration” series. Koons’ Balloon Dog have been exhibited throughout the world and applauded the sculptor for his visualization broke the record high auctioned price artwork for any living artist, sold at 58.4 Million dollars at Christie’s New York.

Jeff Koons’ Easyfun-Ethereal is a new series of artwork in the late nineties and early twenties, commissioned by the Deutsche Guggenheim comprising of the painting and wall mounted sculptures using a collage approach combing happy face, windswept hair, sandwiches all set against elevated landscapes. The works recall the advertising and billboard-style painting methodology adopted by James Rosenquist. Koons painting and sculptures are labelled as Neo-Pop in reaction to previous decades art movement, he cleverly participates other art historical orientations of Surrealism and abstract expressionism which can also be seen in his further sculptural and painting series worth mentioning are “split rocker”, “Popeye and Hulk Elvis”, and “Antiquity”.

Easyfun-Ethereal by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons has influenced many young artists, his works are held among other in the collection of the Tate Modern in London, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam. The artist lives and works in New York.

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