Everyday objects, Useful objects

Unprocessed material is gulped by being modified, developed by labour and the apparatus of labour is consumed by being used up in this process., consumed out, labour is also consumed by being engaged at the same time, set into movement, and the specific amount of the worker’s brawny force etc. is thus extended so that he exhausts himself ……

Karl Marx

was one of the most influential and striking  German philosophers we can have, historian, economist, sociologist, journalist, political theorist and socialist revolutionary. He was born in Trier, Germany, Karl Marx studied law and philosophy at university. His most famous writing include The Communist Manifesto and he was key to the socialist revolution. 

……..But the industry is not only consumed but fixed as well, at the corresponding time, transformed from the form of activity into the form of the object; developed; as an alteration of the object, it transforms its personal form and turns into being from the action.  The output is taken out at the conclusion of the method.in which the raw matter seems as tied up with activity, and in which the apparatus of employment has likewise. transferred itself from a minor opportunity into an actuality, by having converted a real channel of labour, but thereby also having been employed in its latent form through its synthetic or mechanical association to the material of labour. All three significances of the practice, the instrument, the material and labour, tally the neutral result – the product. The significances of the method of generating which have been employed to form the product are concurrently reproduced in it.  The entire process, consequently, develops as prolific consumption. For example as consumption which eliminates not in a void nor in the minor objectification of the objective, except which is somewhat repeatedly fixed as an object. In the respite of the material, it is the respite of this suspension, therefore, the posting of the identical. This form-giving pursuit utilises the object and consumes itself, but it utilises the supplied pattern of the object simply in sequence to place it in a distinct objective form, and it drains itself apart in its subjective form as a movement. It carries away the objective aspect of the object – the immunity towards the form and the subjective kind of pursuit; forms the one, reifies the other. But as an output, the consequences of the product manner is used advantage.

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