Lahore Biennale 02 Curator Announcement

Lahore Biennale 02 Curator Announcement

Lahore Biennale is one of the biggest art events in Pakistan, Asia, which exhibit works of international and national artist from all over the world, Lahore Biennale Foundation is non-profit organization that provides sites in the city for display and installation of art works for public. LBF supports art projects, artworks with research, creative workshops, artists talks collaborative events and artist residencies.

LBF is proud to announce second biggest art event in Pakistan, Lahore. The curator of the second edition of LB02 is Hoor Al Qasimi, she is also founder/director of Sharjah Biennale and one of the leading personality in international art world, president of The Africa Institute and president of the International Biennale Association (IBA).Event will held in early 2020.

For Artists of Lb02 and Details keep on visiting the website.






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