Marcos García, Painter, Spain , Born October 8, 1969

Marcos García, Painter, Spain , Born October 8, 1969

Marcos Garcia is a Spanish painter, before starting his career as an influential and outstanding painter with an impressive selection of imagery he was a police officer for 22 years of his career, an accident during the job ended his career as a police officer. Marcos Garcia graduated from the University of Malaga and studied  Criminology and Public Security.

His journey to become a painter is remarkable, as he says he always loved painting, in his statement he told that he was lucky to work in Puerto in Marbella the place like Miami and rich people live there coming from many countries and people started looking at work of Marcos and commissioned him to paint portraits, it is always necessary for painters to get a boost either from viewers or buyers or art galleries and Marcos was lucky to have this boost and eventually it matured his conceptual and visual vocabulary as well.

Over time, an institutional painting, 150th anniversary of Marbella Police


Marcos painting technique and understanding of imagery and positioning the character itself is a self-reflection of himself as an artist, the character standing in the middle of the painting is the character standing in the middle of a place for him and standing in the middle of his thoughts as well. In other words, we could say it’s an amalgamation of fiction and reality to the extent of blurring the lines in between. The way he balances the composition and technique of his paint is something coming out of a painter who has been painting for a long time. The character in the front is still and there is an element of suspense that who is the other character or space or thing she is watching in a stance. His paintings are often mysterious as well, look at the painting below

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

The patterns on the floor and the realistic style of painting with the mysterious and Sufi element of the space and the sky make this painting one of the mesmerizing pieces of Marcos Gracia, many of his paintings which have this element of nature, architecture, humans and their expressions with specific postures and gestures. Marcos does not seem like an ordinary painter, his vision of reality was a selected one, it is a kind of a photographic reality with an interpretive style of painting.

A family portrait


Marcos style of painting and imaginative idealization lies in the observation of appearances and characters he is painting. The realistic style of paintings has a broad sense of different civilizations. The realistic approach in visual arts was not in trend too much but there were the artists, for example, Spanish painters like Jose de Ribera, Diego Velazquez, and Francisco de Zurbaran. They had their own styles of paintings and imagery with this approach. The way of painting Marcos has adopted in contemporary times and art is not an easy approach, we have been adopted new media and other shortcuts may be, but the real painting has its own taste and no one can challenge that. There is a huge difference when we see a real painting in front of us and when we see it on a screen, we can not judge a stroke unless we see it in front of us and Marcos has exhibited in several galleries and has given his works to many royal families.

Spani’s king painting

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