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    Jacques Lacan Das Ding (The Thing)// 1959-60, Documents of Contemporary Art

    French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst  who has been described “the most provocative psycho-analyst since Freud” Born: April 13, 1901, Paris, France Died: September 9, 1981, Paris, France Das Ding (The Thing) The Sache ( In Sachvorstellung, Freud’s term for a ‘thing-notion,) is precisely the thing, an output of industry and of human activity as administered by language. Nevertheless absolute they may first be in the genesis of that action, things are constantly on the facade, always within span of an explanation. To the degree that it is subjacent to and inherent in every human behaviour, that activity of which things are the outcome belongs to the preconscious system, that is to say, something that our…